New production area

By the end of 2018 Artpol completed one of its biggest investments. The project consisted of building new social and production area.

Scope of the investment

– a 2 000 m2 production facility;

– social area with state of the art “smart” system installed to increase comfort of personnel during rest time;

– laboratory with an around the clock climate control smart system;

– two new office areas: logistics and production planning.

Effects of the investment

Completion of the project allowed Artpol to consolidate all production processes in one area. The change have had many positive outcomes:

– increasing the production process effectiveness;

– increasing the quality of work;

– maximising the production capacity.

The project was driven by the increasing trust our Clients have in us, as well as the need to improve employees and management skills. Your happiness and satisfaction are priorities in pursuing new projects allowing us to improve the ESD products as well as our production capacity.