Who we are – twenty years of Artpol

Artpol is a trading and production company that has been on the market for over 20 years. The company was established in 1999 and since then produces and distributes foil and plastic packaging. The company specialises in production of a wide variety of antistatic ESD packaging adhering to the highest technological standards. This allowed the company to gain renown on European markets and beyond. Today Artpol’s brand is respected and recognised on the global market.

What we offer – briefly about our products

Artpol’s offering consists of various traditional packaging items as well as antistatic ESD packaging. Their usage is widespread and includes electronics and automotive industries. For a few years we’ve been working on developing an excellent, unique composition of ESD packaging components with exceptional physico-chemical attributes. The quality of our products has been analysed by many prestigious R&D institutes and awarded with many certificates.

Why you should trust us – how we work

In order to create products with excellent, unique ESD protection properties that are also compliant with the PN – EN 61430-5-1 norm Artpol works closely with scientists from physics and chemistry institutes. The company strives to achieve maximum ESD protection. All products are manufactured in accordance with strict European Union norms. The quality control is provided by qualified and experienced personnel.

Quality guarantee – few words about constant growth

Artpol also provides technical consulting both when it comes to choose the most appropriate type of ESD protection and when you need to decide on necessary parameters. To achieve safety and highest quality our company performs quality control of our products in compliance with the RoHS directive. In 2012 Artpol was awarded an ISO 9001:2009 certificate by an accredited TUV certification body.

Competitive advantage – innovation

Artpol’s production and distribution is based on innovative solutions and technical consulting. That means, that the company is perceived as a trustworthy, reliable and an appealing trade partner, standing out from the competition. 20 years of experience serve as a guarantee of high quality of our products and services. A large client base allows us to offer competitive prices while maintaining carefully researched, innovative production methods.