Constant progress is our mission. Therefore we always strive to raise our quality standards. We use our quality policy as a guide to excellently fulfil our clients’ orders. The general premises of the quality policy have been presented below:


We understand innovation as:

  • Constant improvement of packaging technology and production processes.
  • Confirmation of high quality with certificates issued by renowned scientific institutes.
  • Modernisation and creation of new tools allowing us to improve competitiveness of production processes in regard to production cost.
  • Attentiveness to ecology as regulated by norms and directives of the European Union.

Caring about client needs

Caring about our clients’ needs means:

  • Ensuring on-time delivery.
  • Delivering products fitting the client’s specification.
  • Constantly monitoring clients’ needs and introducing products fulfilling those needs.
  • Improving the quality of our products while maintaining competitive prices.

Qualified personnel

Qualified personnel means people who:

  • Deal with sales and production and provides technical and graphic consultation to all clients.
  • Understand products’ quality and constantly monitor each stage of production.
  • Understand the need for customised offer and approach each client individually.
  • Care about growth – by conducting research, discussions and attending symposiums.

Involved management

Involved managers are people who:

  • Improve the qualifications of employees with emphasis on knowledge about standards, norms and quality parameters, as well as methods of realising those parameters.
  • Ensure that the employees can communicate effectively with each other.
  • Provide workstations equipped properly, to allow production and delivery of high quality products according to set standards.
  • Maintain relations with suppliers to ensure that standards and quality norms are fulfilled.

Chief Executive Officer
Artur Milewski