Artpol is a company with a global reach. Its success stems from many factors. Below are the most important ones.


Your time is very important to us. We try to ensure the shortest possible realisation time. That’s why we deliver all orders straight to You.


We offer products of excellent quality – it is a part of our mission that guides us from the very beginning. We care about our Clients’ goods protection and we have many testimonials and certificates to prove it.


Our experience on the market, constant growth and increasing Client base allow us to offer competitive prices, as we understand that price matters as much as the quality of the product.


We are a technological enterprise with own know-how and a modern science park. That means that our products are cutting-edge and production capabilities are far greater than the capabilities of our competitors.


Artpol offers a wide product range, but we still understand that our Clients may have different needs than initially predicted. To accomodate your requirements we try to be as flexible as we can, that is why we are able to produce ESD packaging in many shapes and sizes.


Artpol employs educated and experienced specialists. Their knowledge is confirmed by many studies and testimonials. We understand that today’s market requires individual approach as well as high quality and competitive prices.


Constant self-improvement is a part of our mission, pushing us to seek constant supplementary education. We attend workshops and symposiums and work closely with R&D institutions. That allows us to improve our products by creating ingenious, leading-edge solutions.


High quality products are the foundation of our enterprise. But our work does not end there. We also provide professional technical consultations, give advice to our Clients and do our best to resolve Your doubts.


We are a company with a global reach. We deliver our products to all european countries. Our partners include such brands as Apple, DELL, Jaguar, Nokia and Porsche. We have worked hard to gain trust of many distinguished companies. We aim to be dependable and trustworthy and to work with new partners.