Increasing the production capacity of Artpol ESD Packaging Solutions!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the completion of yet another investment at Artpol. In order to meet the expectations of the market and Your requirements we installed three new production lines in a span of 12 months:

  • Three layered extrusion line for production of ESD antistatic foils – device being one of the most innovative production lines for ESD foils production in Poland. Integrated quality assurance with selfcorrecting mechanisms and additional security measures allows Artpol to produce state of the art ESD products. Additional monitoring systems allow for full analysis of production with automatic transmission of production line data.
    • Dissipative ESD foils production line can be used to produce foils with width ranging from 100 to 2 550 mm and thickness from 0,015 mm to 0,2 mm.
    • The average monthly performance of the machine allows for production of 220 000 kilograms of antistatic ESD foil.
  • ESD bubble wrap packaging production line – innovative production line allows for production of bubble wrap packaging from three- or two-layered foil. Improved application system enables production of packaging with easy to close sealing tapes.
    • Production line can be used to produce bubble wrap packaging in sizes ranging from 100 mm x 100 mm to 1 000 mm x 600 mm.
    • Average monthly performance allows for production of nearly 1 000 000 bubble wrap packaging items.
  • ESD packaging production line – innovative technological solution designed according to internal product requirements allows for adaptive production of packaging: zip-lock bags, tape sealed bags or open ESD bags. Additional printing devices allow for printing of custom informational texts or Your company’s logo.
    • Dissipative ESD packaging production line can be used to produce packaging in sizes ranging from 40 mm x 60 mm up to 1 200 mm x 1 000 mm
    • Average monthly performance allows for production of nearly 7 500 000 dissipative ESD packaging items.