Project title

Artpol PPHU Artur Milewski implements a project titled “Implementation of a new production technology of protective antistatic packaging for electronic devices”

Activities within the project

The project is implemented as a part of the Smart Growth 2014-2020 Operational Programme. Main goal of the programme is providing support for implementation of R&D results. Obtaining financing in a form of a technological innovations loan is also crucial for the success of the implementation.

Project goal

Solutions implemented by the applicant in their project (started in 2009) have been deemed optimal, as far as both the ESD protection and the costs are concerned. The final result is an original formula of plastic packaging, as well as production and sealing methods. That allowed the applicant to create a safe antistatic packaging with a high surface resistivity. The packaging is targeted at the electronic industry. Its innovative technology allows for lower costs of production with consideration for waste material and sustainable surface resistivity.